The Turtle Prize was created to encourage programming skills in KS3 by using computers to draw pictures. We provide a mini scheme of work – 3 lesson plans with handouts and homework. The programming is done with Python and its turtle library. In the final lesson, students send us their code and we’ll display it on this site.

Winning students will receive a Raspberry Pi and a Piffin electronics experimenter’s kit.

Students will learn:

  • The fundamentals of programming:
    • sequences
    • loops
    • data
    • conditionals
    • operators
  • Become resilient with solving computer programming syntax errors.
  • It’s possible to create graphics by writing a computer program.
  • What a library is and how to use one.

All the lesson plans are available here.

Read the competiton rules here. Entries to be in by 28th November, awards ceremony at Bristol Film Academy on the 12th December.

See all the entries here.

Submit your entries to entries@turtleprize.com

Have fun!